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“I have recently taken over a restaurant. Initially we

disposed of all of the waste in the same container.

Then I received a offer from my waste collector for

installation of a container for paper/cardboard of

1,100 litre and for 200 plastic bags of 400 litre.

The contract started on 1 February 2017. What will

my incentive amount to?”

You started with selective collections for cardboard

in 2017 and are therefore entitled to a one-off start-

up incentive of € 100. This is on top of the annual

incentive for your container and plastic bags.

The amount of your incentive in detail is:

1 container paper/cardboard 1,100 litre (€60 /

year) x 334/365 days = €55

200 bags of 400 litre = €160 (200 bags at €0.5+

200 bags x 10 kg x 0.030 €/kg)

Start-up incentive = €100

Total amount:


“In 2017 I bought 1,400 bags for collecting plastic

film. The full bags were stored in a RoRo skip that

was emptied once a month by our waste collector.

What will my incentive amount to?”

Since the fact the bags are collected in a RoRo skip,

you are not eligible for the bag fee. If you bought

1,400 bags and the total weight of plastic collected in

2017 is 9,500 kg,

you will receive an incentive of:

1 RoRo skip x 365 days = €80

9,500 kg plastic at 0.030 €/kg = €285

Total amount of your incentive: