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“The better the sorting at the source,

the more efficient the recycling process

can be, and the more beneficial

to your company.”



Our mission is to stimulate recycling and provide

proof to the government that the industrial packaging

that is brought into the Belgian market by our

customers (the parties responsible for packaging) is

recycled once it has become waste.

The rule of thumb for managing packaging waste is:

the better it is sorted at the source, the more efficient it

can be recycled

. That is why VAL-I-PAC offers financial

support to companies that make an effort to sort their

packaging waste.

By sorting waste, you considerably reduce the quantity

of mixed waste. Interesting for everyone:

for the environment because waste is recycled

more efficiently,

for VAL-I-PAC which can then easily realise its

recycling objectives,

but principally for your company, because

you pay

less for your mixed waste and can benefit from