Since 1998, companies have legal obligations towards both the prevention and management of industrial packaging waste. These obligations apply to certain companies, known as the companies responsible for packaging .
These obligations are noted down in an agreement which has legal force in the three regions:
the Cooperation Agreement.

This is a Belgian act of parliament based on a European Directive of 1994. Find out more - Close

The Cooperation Agreement
- An agreement between the three regions of the country which has the force of law across Belgium. It relates to the prevention and management of all packaging waste generated in Belgium.
– It has been in force since 1997 with respect to household packaging and since 1998 with respect to industrial packaging.
– A new version of this agreement has recently been published in the Belgian Official Gazette (Moniteur belge 29.12.2008).

Compliance with the Cooperation Agreement is monitored by the Interregional Packaging Commission. Find out more - Close


What are the aims of the Cooperation Agreement?

  • Less industrial packaging waste
  • Non-polluting and/or reusable packaging
  • Less single-use packaging
  • Encouragement of the recycling of industrial packaging