Your guarantees?

As a member of VAL-I-PAC:

  1. you are sure of being in order with the legislation (as a management organisation, we undertake to achieve the required percentages on a global basis)
  1. you benefit from a reliable and transparent system officially accredited by the Interregional Packaging Commission and also from the support of employer and industry associations.
  1. you save precious time and energy which you can devote to your core business. And all this at a reasonable cost which is simple to budget for. With VAL-I-PAC, it is easy to calculate your annual funding contribution. Try out our calculation sheet
  1. you will avoid the penalties under the Cooperation Agreement
  2. These, for example, are the administrative fines which can be imposed for not meeting the take-back obligation:

      • 500 euros per tonne not recovered
      • 750 euros per tonne not recycled

    The penal charges can also be severe. For further information: