How much will I have to pay?

Transparent calculation process

You can use the table below to calculate the annual charge per declaration type depending on: 

  • the type of material which you put on to the market/for which you are responsible (e.g.  plastic)
  • its properties (recyclable or not)
  • the amount of material (number of  tonnes)


Packaging material 2016 tariff
per tonne
Type A
Type B
Type C
  Recyclable cardboard € 14,50
  Recyclable metal € 14,50
  Recyclable wood € 14,50
  Recyclable glass € 14,50
  Recyclable natural fibres € 14,50
  Recyclable plastic € 39,50
  Recyclable plastic from the construction industry € 49,50
  Other recyclable materials € 14,50
  Non-recyclable materials
(including non-recyclable plastic)
€ 53,00
  Total :    €

A few important points

  • this table refers to the cost of the declaration with effect from the second year of membership (tariff as at 01.01.2016)
  • retroactive membership
    A special retroactive charge is levied in the first year of membership.
    The VAL-I-PAC system is open to companies which wish to regularise their position with respect to the take-back and information obligation.
    VAL-I-PAC has to apply retroactive membership for the five calendar years prior to the year of joining.
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    A funding contribution will be calculated for each year of retroactive membership, plus an indemnity (based on the statutory rate of interest on late payment). In addition, a once-only joining fee of 25% is calculated on the basis of the contribution for the year of joining.

    For further information, please contact our commercial department:
    Karel GEMMEKE - Business Development Director - 02/456.83.23
  • The minimum funding contribution is 123 euros for the first year of membership and 37 euros for subsequent years.