The conditions for obtaining an incentive

An incentive is paid for industrial packaging:

  • which has become packaging waste in Belgium
  • which has been sorted and selectively collected
  • which is collected and effectively recycled by an operator accredited  by VAL-I-PAC.


The incentives, offered by VAL-I-PAC, encourage the sorting of waste in general and of certain valuable materials in particular, such as wood and plastic.

  • What is the amount of the incentives which VAL-I-PAC pays to companies which sort their packaging waste?  
  • How can you obtain an incentive from VAL-I-PAC for sorting your industrial packaging waste?
  • You have received a certificate from your waste collection company and would like further information?
  • You wish to contact one of the operators accredited by VAL-I-PAC for the collection of your industrial packaging waste?


Some unpackers are also responsible for packaging. Therefore they must also comply with the legislation on industrial packaging.
The Industrial Packaging Commission requires that VAL-I-PAC should NO LONGER pay incentives to industrial unpackers which cannot prove that, as responsible for packaging, they comply with the provisions of the Cooperation Agreement. Consequently, these companies will no longer receive incentives from VAL-I-PAC.