Different types of incentives and the amounts

There are two types of incentives:

  • Recycling incentives: for sorting certain industrial packaging materials.
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    Recycling incentive

    For which materials?

    The recycling incentive applies to sorted plastic or wood from industrial packaging waste, delivered in homogenous batches to a VAL-I-PAC operator for recycling.

    You can only receive an incentive for wood that is intended for pulping and used as a raw material for chipboard or compost.

    How much is this recycling incentive?

    • Recycled plastic:     35 € per tonne of plastic sent for recycling
    • Recycled wood:       10 € per tonne of wood sent for recycling
  • Container incentives: for the installation of containers which enable the sorting of industrial packaging waste.
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    Container incentive

    For what type of collection system is the container incentive given?

    You can receive a container incentive for industrial packaging waste generated in Belgium and collected in selective containers for recycling.

    How much are these container incentives?

    • Large tilting container from 1000 litres to 8 m³
      Your incentive: 80 € a year
    • Small tilting container from 660 to 999 litres
      Your incentive: 60 € a year
    • Fixed container > 8 m³
      Your incentive: 100 € a year
    • Sacks for plastic film > 200 litres
      Your incentive: 0,50 € per sack
    • Sack for frigolite (EPS) >  500 litres
      Your incentive: 0,50 € per sack

    Less common containers for which an incentive is also given:

    • Plastic bin from 500 to 680 litres
      Your incentive: 20 € a year
    • Cage container from 500 litres to 2,16 m³
      Your incentive: 20 € a year
    • Collection systems for hazardous waste from 680 to 800 litres
      Your incentive: 60 € a year
    • Cage container > 2,16 m³
      Your incentive: 60 € a year