Declaration guide

Any company affiliated with Valipac undertakes to comply with legal obligations in terms of selective collection and to take all reasonable measures to enable Valipac to fulfil the obligations imposed on it by The Cooperation Agreement and its approval.

Any company in Belgium is furthermore subject to the sorting obligation in accordance with the regulations in force in the region in which it is located. Insofar as Valipac is a mutual system in which all companies contribute to achieving the imposed recycling rate of 80%, Valipac relies on the efforts of each company to meet its sorting obligations.

All the obligations concerning selective collection and waste collectors affiliated to Valipac are explained in detail at (french version) or (dutch version). There you will also find a list of waste collectors affiliated to Valipac that can help you to fulfil your obligations.



Valipac places this guide at your disposal to provide your company with all the useful information.

As each company is a specific case, we also offer you:

  • Training via webinar, organised at the beginning of each year. For 2022 there are currently no new webinars planned, but this year’s training can be viewed again.
  • Telephone assistance by our advisors. Contact them on +32 2 456 83 10.
  • Assistance by video conference
  • A visit to your company by our advisors.

In any event, after having read this guide or being in contact with our team, this declaration will hold no more secrets for you!