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  • Sustainable packaging? Yes, we can!


    The choice of a particular packaging material or its composition affects the entire recycling chain. By making wise choices when developing or purchasing your packaging, you ensure that it will have minimal impact throughout its life cycle.

  • Activity report 2017-2018


    Do you want to know more about Valipac's activities in 2018? Know our new missions and ambitions? Our 2017 - 2018 Activity Report is now available.

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Our results 2019

  • 89,4% global recycling rate for industrial packaging

  • 697.779 tonnes industrial packaging recycled

  • 37.370 companies receiving incentives

  • 7.000 customers who trust us

Who are we?

Valipac is the accredited organisation in charge of the Extended Producer Responsibility for industrial packaging

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What we do?

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Your industrial packaging

Being a Valipac member is your guarantee that your business is complying with industrial packaging regulations.

What does Valipac do for you?

Facilitate the circular economy

Thanks to its participatory structure, Valipac occupies a central place in the value chain. We act on each of the pillars of the circular economy.

Our activities
Faciliter l’économie circulaire

Sorting waste in your company

As a company, sorting your waste is a legal requirement. And it is easier than you might think. In addition to helping to preserve the environment, you can also benefit from Valipac’s financial incentives.

Trier dans votre entreprise

Production of industrial waste

Sorting at the source can definitely be improved. Valipac helps you to find out in which business sectors and regions it can be improved.

Our activities