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What does Valipac do for you?

What your working day would look like if Valipac did not exist? For example, you would have to collect your packaging material from all your customers. And have them recycled via a waste collector. And have to insist on receiving your recycling certificates there.

Fortunately, Valipac takes over these obligations from you! Being a Valipac client is the guarantee that your company is in compliance with the legislation for commercial and industrial packaging.


Your challenge: fulfilling your obligations as a producer

Your company has become a customer of Valipac because it is subject to extended producer responsibility. All companies that produce packaging waste in Belgium by marketing or importing packaged goods are subject to this responsibility.

The Extended Producer Responsiblity applies to your company in case :

  • you are producing and packaging goods to be marketed in Belgium (Type A),
  • you import packaged goods in order to market them in Belgium (Type B),
  • you import goods that you unpack within your business (Type C).

The Extended Producer Responsibility requires you to provide proof every year that your company achieves the recycling rates prescribed by the Belgian authorities for all your packaging. Often this is an impossible task to comply with on your own, especially in the first two of the above-mentioned cases.

How does Valipac work?

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Our contribution: we relieve you of these obligations

Thanks to its unique position in the market, Valipac collects data on the quantities of packaging brought into the market by its clients and as well as on the tonnages that are collected and recycled by the affiliated waste collectors.

We compile and process these data and provide the Belgian authorities with an annual report showing that Valipac’s clients collectively meet their legal obligations with regard to industrial packaging.

Valipac offers a collective response to the Extended Producer Responsibility:

  • we compile the figures on the quantities of industrial packaging brought to the Belgian market by our clients
  • we collect the figures sent in by waste management companies on the quantities of packaging waste collected and recycled by them
  • we compile these figures in order to calculate the overall recycling rate for all our clients together
  • we report the aggregated data to the Interregional Packaging Commission (IVCIE).

Your declaration

To delegate your obligations to Valipac, all you have to do is send us a declaration once a year of the packaging for which you are responsible. This declaration needs to be submitted by 28 February.

Looking for help?

In the “How to complete your declaration” module of our new valipac.academy website, you’ll find the answers to all your questions. All the information can also be downloaded from the site in the form of a practical guide.

Your invoice: how much do our services cost?

The amount invoiced to you by Valipac depends on the tonnage and/or type of packaging for which you are responsible. Our business model guarantees unchanged fees that are unaffected by fluctuations in materials markets.

The minimum amount of the financing contribution is set at €50.

Material Tariff 2023 (€/tonne) Tariff 2024 (€/tonne)
Recyclable packaging excl. plastic 17 17
Recyclable plastic packaging 53 53
Non-recyclable packaging 106 106
Reusable packaging 0 0


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Frequently asked questions

Legislation on industrial packaging lies within our competence areas. We are in daily contact with businesses that have specific questions regarding their situation.

Some questions often recur. We have listed them in an FAQ section to simplify matters for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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