About Valipac


Valipac was created in 1997 by the Belgian industry to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for industrial packaging. We are the first European organisation that deals specifically with industrial packaging. Our basic mission is to achieve the recycling rates imposed on our clients for the industrial packaging they place on the Belgian market.


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Our mission:

Let’s act together for a circular economy

Our values

  • Reliable

    We assure a quality service thanks to the professionalism of our team and to powerful tools. We collect and process data in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and ensure that they accurately reflect the reality. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are transparent.

  • Pragmatic

    We continually adapt our system to achieve the best results in the most efficient way while maintaining our integrity. We do not hesitate to question and adjust our working methods in order to achieve our ambitions.

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    All our stakeholders and all our employees play an important role. We listen attentively to each and every one of you. We care about others, are attentive to others. We trust one another and show our respective gratitude in a climate of modesty, honesty and mutual respect.

  • Innovative

    We anticipate new opportunities that are synonymous with innovation and added value for our stakeholders. We provide the necessary attention and resources and encourage our teams to think outside the box. We also give the necessary attention and means in order to permanently improve our processes.

Why should you work for Valipac?

At Valipac, we’re not just a company, we’re a passionate community dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. As a leading player in sustainable packaging, we’re proud of our essential role in building a circular and responsible economy.

Our team of talented and committed professionals embody the core values that make Valipac an exceptional employer. We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to tackle the complex challenges of packaging waste management.

Working at Valipac means being part of a dynamic team that believes in the power of positive change. Each member of our staff plays a crucial role in achieving our mission: to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by promoting its reuse and recycling.

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We invest in the professional development of our employees, encouraging creativity and autonomy. At Valipac, you will have the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects and collaborate with industry experts. We believe that every voice counts and that everyone can make a contribution to building a more sustainable future.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our corporate culture. We believe that a wealth of different perspectives strengthens our ability to find innovative solutions. At Valipac, every employee is respected and valued for their unique skills.

Joining Valipac means not only being part of a renowned company, but also being a driver of change towards a more sustainable world. If you share our passion for innovation, commitment and sustainability, join us in creating a positive impact on the environment.

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The future of packaging seen by our colleagues

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