About Valipac


Valipac was created in 1997 by the Belgian industry to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for industrial packaging. We are the first European organisation that deals specifically with industrial packaging. Our basic mission is to achieve the recycling rates imposed on our clients for the industrial packaging they place on the Belgian market.

In order to achieve circularity of industrial packaging, we have set ourselves 4 commitments: to encourage our customers to use circular packaging, to ensure the traceability of industrial packaging waste and guarantee its effective recycling, to stimulate local recycling and finally to further encourage the selective collection of industrial packaging in companies.

What does Valipac do?

Valipac offers a collective response to Extended Producer Responsibility as follows :

  • we compile the figures on the quantities of industrial packaging brought to the Belgian market by our clients
  • we collect the figures sent in by waste management companies on the quantities of packaging waste collected and recycled by them
  • we compile these figures in order to calculate the overall recycling rate for all our clients together
  • we report the aggregated data to the Interregional Packaging Commission (IVCIE).

Valipac is the accredited compliance organisation for industrial packaging. For household packaging, you must apply to Fost Plus, which is the accredited organisation in this field. Businesses that bring BOTH household AND industrial packaging to the Belgian market must therefore become clients of both organisations.


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Our mission:

Let’s act together for a circular economy

Our ambitions


  1. 01

    Fulfilling EPR for C&I packaging for our participants

    Valipac’s main ambition is to correctly fulfil its accreditation and strive for continuous improvement in the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for commercial and industrial packaging. Promoting selective collection, tracing flows to final recycling, demonstrating recycling under broadly equivalent conditions, raising awareness of prevention and reuse and all this within an international context are part of our main ambition.

  2. 03

    Based on reliable data, feed back to stakeholders regarding sustainability of C&I packaging and circularity of packaging waste

    We want to be the central platform for data at various places in the material chain on the level of (local) circularity of commercial and industrial packaging and thus be the central actor in the value chain of commercial and industrial packaging. Through analysis of this data, we want to feed back insights and added value to the various stakeholders (participants, unpackers, operators, federations and authorities)….

  3. 02

    Being a catalyst in the transition to a local circular economy

    We are a catalyst in the transition to circular economy of commercial and industrial packaging and in the evolution towards local material cycles. We want to encourage selective collection and quality local recycling, and promote the use of recycled content in packaging. We want to inform and encourage our participants in particular in the evolution towards more sustainable commercial and industrial packaging.

  4. 04

    Future-proof organisation with a competent and motivated team

    We want to be an efficient and future-proof organisation with high employee satisfaction and motivation.

Our values

  • We assure a quality service thanks to the professionalism of our team and to powerful tools. We collect and process data in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and ensure that they accurately reflect the reality. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are transparent.

  • We continually adapt our system to achieve the best results in the most efficient way while maintaining our integrity. We do not hesitate to question and adjust our working methods in order to achieve our ambitions.

  • All our stakeholders and all our employees play an important role. We listen attentively to each and every one of you. We care about others, are attentive to others. We trust one another and show our respective gratitude in a climate of modesty, honesty and mutual respect.

  • We anticipate new opportunities that are synonymous with innovation and added value for our stakeholders. We provide the necessary attention and resources and encourage our teams to think outside the box. We also give the necessary attention and means in order to permanently improve our processes.

Our team


Vito De Coster

Advisor Customer Service

Michiel Van den plas

Manager Strategic Projects

Nils Pannecoucke

Account Manager Operations

Jacco Malbrain

Account Manager Operations

Dries Daineffe

Account Manager Operations

Wout Mertens

Account Manager Operations

Alice Milet

Account Manager Operations

Geert Van Laethem

Application owner

Kevin Haleydt

Data Expert

Brent Mariën

Account Manager Operations

Bert Bessems

Manager Operations

Isabelle Heuchamps

Advisor Operations

Vienna De Hondt

Manager Customer Service

Tina Segebarth

Project Coordinator Communication

Jana Vanderschommen

Account Manager Customer Service

Khalil Chaker

Account Manager Operations

Nele Vlecken

Senior Account Manager Operations

Filip Vangeel

Manager Sustainability

Abdel Bouasse

Senior Advisor Customer Service

Andy Huvaere

Manager Operations

Esther Philips


Fabienne Billiard

Account Manager Customer Service

Francis Huysman

Managing Director

Ingrid Bouchez

Manager Communication
Jens Poelaert

Jens Poelaert

Manager Operations

Luc Van de Vondel

Director Finance & Competence Centers - Customer Service and Sustainability

Lydia De Logi

Project Coordinator Communication

Marie-Pierre Lorand

Advisor Customer Service

Petra Hemmerijckx

Management Assistant

Tom Vanwezer

Senior Account Manager Sustainability
Vera Geeroms

Vera Geeroms

Advisor Customer Service

Xavier Lhoir

Director Operations & Circularity