Sustainable packaging? Yes, we can!


The choice of a particular packaging material or its composition affects the entire recycling chain. By making wise choices when developing or purchasing your packaging, you ensure that it will have minimal impact throughout its life cycle.

Through the Pack It Better platform, Valipac and Fost Plus promote the eco-design of packaging. We focus on qualitative and quantitative prevention, recyclability and circular applications. Pack It Better is Valipac and Fost Plus’ first-ever platform that brings together in one place all relevant information and tools on sustainable packaging.


Pack It Better was created on the initiative of the industry to meet European and Belgian regulations on packaging recycling. Companies not only find relevant information and case studies, but are also put in contact with centres of expertise that provide them with concrete help to improve the sustainability of their packaging. In this way, we are working together towards a circular economy of household and industrial packaging waste.

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